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Winter Fashion!

Its almost the end of winter season and sadly the end of its awesome fashion trends. From chunky boots to the highest of stilettos, cute sweaters to military jackets, girly hairbands to the funkiest of beanies. Sigh! Its all going to end soon, at least here in Kolkata(West Bengal, India) So I have decided to have fun before it’s all over. *embracing the remnants of winter*

I love Perfumes like most of you and I’m currently in love with my latest purchase of Burberry Body EDP. Don’t judge the perfume by its first note which is floral, which, then gives way to the woody, musky smell that I so love. Very me! What’s your favourite note?  And I personally feel that EDPs (eau de parfum)  lasts longer than the EDTs (eau de toilette) . Do you feel the same? Thank you for Reading. Have a nice day =) Ciao!

Love, Tenyang*