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Skin Care Regime to reduce Acne.

Hello Peeps!

Today, I’m going to share my skin care routine which I follow every single day without fail (even during those days when I’m dead tired and sleepy). I have oily skin which is like an acne magnet and I tried everything, from oily skin face washes to oil free moisturizers and nothing seemed to worked. I finally found the right kind of skin care regime which actually helped to reduce the acne(s) and redness I had on my T-zone. Soooooo, without further ado, I’ll just list my skincare routine step-by-step.

Morning Routine:

I wash my face with Ponds Pimple-Clear White and pat (do not rub as it irritates the skin) my skin dry then I gently rub Ice cube all over my face and neck (it acts as a natural skin toner which you should use before applying your make-up since it helps to close your pores and acts as a protecting shield against the harsh chemicals which are present in some of the beauty products) . After that, I apply Benzoyl Peroxide Gel IP 2.5% (its available in most of the pharmacies in India) on problematic areas and wait for 15 minutes to let it dry completely and then I go ahead and apply Clean and Clear Skin-Balancing Moisturiser ( applying Sunscreen after it dries if I have to go out, be it winter or summer, applying Sunscreen is a must).

Night-time Routine:

I make sure I remove my make-up and prefer to use olive oil to do so since it’s a non-harsh natural product and does not burn my eyes. Then I simply wash my face with the same face wash (and I do not use a cleanser since I haven’t found the right product for my skin yet, if you have any suggestions please comment below!) and rub Ice cube once again and pat it dry. After this I dab a cotton ball inside my homemade Apple Cider Vinegar toner (which consists of mixing equal amount of water and Apple cider vinegar in a 300 ml container) and wait for it to dry, then I apply my moisturizer and read a book, watch a movie or sleep like a log!

The mantra for this to work is consistency and patience, the acne(s) won’t go away after one or two days of application. I started noticing the difference only after a month, so, please do not lose hope  =) and make sure you do not touch your skin often ’cause the bacteria accumulated in our hands and fingers will cause more acne and pimples to pop-up and we do not want that! Drink lots of water and fruit juice and cut down on aerated drinks. I hope these tips and routine proves helpful for your skin as well =)

P.S : Do not forget to do a patch test for the Benzoyl Peroxide Gel IP and the homemade Apple cider vinegar solution. Thanks!



Summerrrr… here!

Hello peeps!

Winter is nowhere to be seen and the sun surely shines bright indicating that its charming rays can touch anybody and everybody, unless someone is under house-arrest. Ha! Summerrrr is here people, so why not have fun with all the cotton shirts and maxi skirts stuffed in our closets.

“Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it.”-Yves Saint-Laurent.

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Have A Nice Day!

Love, Tenyang*

Winter Fashion!

Its almost the end of winter season and sadly the end of its awesome fashion trends. From chunky boots to the highest of stilettos, cute sweaters to military jackets, girly hairbands to the funkiest of beanies. Sigh! Its all going to end soon, at least here in Kolkata(West Bengal, India) So I have decided to have fun before it’s all over. *embracing the remnants of winter*

I love Perfumes like most of you and I’m currently in love with my latest purchase of Burberry Body EDP. Don’t judge the perfume by its first note which is floral, which, then gives way to the woody, musky smell that I so love. Very me! What’s your favourite note?  And I personally feel that EDPs (eau de parfum)  lasts longer than the EDTs (eau de toilette) . Do you feel the same? Thank you for Reading. Have a nice day =) Ciao!

Love, Tenyang*